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For those who haven’t read the novel Sweet Sixteen, i have written below about JAMB Sweet Sixteen Summary. I guess with these you can answer jamb questions on sweet sixteen with ease.

It is clear that the compulsory Jamb novel has moved from the Independence to Sweet Sixteen written by Bolaji Abdullahi.

The author has carefully written an interesting and an insightful piece which address the issues and complexities of young persons, hence the adoption for the book to be the Jamb recommended books for reading.

The book is well structured and written in a simple and understanding way which makes the book appetizing and eye wetting.jamb sweet sixteen summary

The author has put pen into writing and has used two main characters to express his strong believe about the processes and the actions that affects lives and especially the young teenage girl.

About the Book sweet Sixteen

Writing this Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary is not only to read for the passing of the examination, but the author through his intelligent has been able to capture most pressing needs affecting the teens and has also portray how this issues can be solved.

In the nutshell, the book will not only teach Jamb students to score high in Jamb and meet the required Jamb 2019 cut off Point  and get admitted into the favorite and their choice intuition, but with this book, teens will be able to pass the challenges and the youthful pleasure that comes with teenage spirit.

The author used Nigeria as the main settings and he sees and explains the concept of s*x education with his own way of fictional writing and hence the book is rich to address issues of teenage life.

Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary

In Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary, the author has explore the and explain circumstances surrounding teenage lifestyle and the way of living. Jamb Sweet Sixteen summary pdf is not available for free online however you can read about the summary here, while i find a way to upload the pdf online.

There is no need of looking for possible ways to download summary of Sweet Sixteenand that is why we have made the Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary just to brief you about the entire text.

Please Note : know that the jamb novel Sweet Sixteen pdf is now the official novel for Jamb Use of English and you will have some interesting questions set to test the comprehension of the book.

The novel Sweet-Sixteen centers on an Intelligent,Chubby young girl, Aliya, an Asthmatic patient from birth, who sees herself as a young adult certainly more than her father (Mr Bello) that kept making feel she was a child at 16. Aliya left for the boarding school at age- twelve 12.

Aliya’s Father (Mr Bello) a yoruba man and a muslim, has worked as a Journalist, at a public relations agency and thereafter at an International Organisation that helps poor people in Africa. Aliya’s Mother was a Nurse.

Mr Bello never saw Birthdays as a major achievement in Life worth celebrating and throwing parties for. Insted, he gives Aliya birthday cards. But Aliya received something a little different from her father for her Sixteenth, (A camera), the usual birthday card and a Spiral bound document titled “A LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER”.

The principal at Aliya’s Boarding school (a christian and a TIV man) was friends with Mr Bello (Aliya’s Father).

Aliya was a straight A student but had a little problem in chemistry where she scored nothing higher than a C.

Aliya was particularly close to her dad, she regarded him as her only true friend. She shared almost everything with him and felt comfortable with it. Most especially on topics bothering on sex, relationships and life in generally.

Her father was bent on tutoring her and make her ready for life ahead, that he did diligently by telling her stories and using analogies.

Remember  the gifts Aliya received from her father? well, the document turned out to be the best from the lot. It was a letter written from her Dad as he made reference to a certain drive out with Aliya four years earlier. He highlighted the most important topics of discourse that day. He made her realise that as a young girl, hard work the only way out of poverty to success.

Also, that if something is being done by majority doesn’t really make it right , Certain things were not appropriate for her at that time which she had an idea of already.


Download the Jamb Sweet Sixteen Novel in PDF Format.

How Much is Jamb Sweet Sixteen

The book will be given out for free to everyone during the registration processes.

When Jamb form 2019 is Out and Once you complete your registration at any Jamb approved center, endeavor to collect your Jamb sweet sixteen novel which you paid for it from your Jamb fee.

For now we have made the summary of Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi and not only that there is a detailed summary written for you to have the full understanding of the book.

For now we are still working on the summary of Sweet Sixteen chapter by chapter and when once that is ready, you will be able to read it from our sites and thus the need to be a regular visitor of our sites.

The whole concept of writing this post is to give you summary of Sweet Sixteen novel written by an experienced scholar.

Soon you will have to download the full version of the book from our sites as  we are working on that download Sweet Sixteen pdf is available in soft copy.

After reading this Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary is advisable to set possible jamb Sweet Sixteen questions and answers pdfand see how to study them for yourself.

Sweet Sixteen Summary – Jamb Novel

From the book sweet sixteen, we have seen a sixteen year old minor who is treasured and adored by her father no wonder her father has adored her and calls her the name “My First Lady”

Though Aliya is sixteen, but she puts her father into furry and off by asking him questions beyond his imaginations even as a journalist father tries to tackle some of these questions.

Numerous questions which the Young minor asked bits her dad’s imagination and we have seen various questions like ‘’Okay Daddy, what does HAK and KOTL mean?,’’ while she asked her father for response, Aliya asked. And when the father says or expressed his ignorance of the said acronyms, Aliya rigorously supplied them she will respond like

‘’HAK means ‘Hugs and Kisses’ while KOTL means ‘Kiss On The Lips’. And when she added that some students were caught on the school’s basketball court at night having ’53X’ (s3x), Mr Bello, the Journalist father almost fainted.

‘’But…how do you know all these?, ’’ he inquired with deep projection to what the Young girl will have to tell her, and Aliya replied: ‘’Come on Daddy, everybody knows these things.”

From the book and in attempts to give a detailed analysis of Bolaji Abdullahi Sweet Sixteen summary, the author has written expressively and ineptly on contemporary issues that affects and bothers life such as politics and issues surrounding policy development and he gives a unabsorbing truth on issues affecting teenage life and the murky truths which surrounds young adolescent

Sections in the Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi

However, in this sweet sixteen summary, you should know that the book is majorly divided into seven sections

The sections explored in this book include:

  1. The Letter
  2. The Drive
  3. Work
  4. The Gandhi Test
  5. Dating
  6. Stereotype and Beauty

From the entire book and the sweet sixteen summary, we have seen a form of series of conversation involving both Mr. Bello, the Journalist and vigorous and precocious sixteen year old daughter who is very smart and intelligent and their conversation circles around the facts and the realities of life.

In the summary sweet sixteen, it was reputedly said that the Editor Molara Wood on the book’s Jacket that is the main cover, and he clearly stated that ‘’everything a teenage girl ever wanted to know but was afraid to ask.”

In a way to put pen into writing and presenting the major theme in the book, the author captures Aliya Bello a teenage girl who is curious but filled with fascination Aliya Bello who is very inquisitive especially to the realities of life.

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Aliya has a responsible, loving and caring father Bello. Mr. Bello as a journalist plays an important role in the characterization of the book as the is seen as one who is always making way for the protagonist.

Mr. Bello, as seen in the book portrays himself as a loving and a good father made sure that her daughter was properly educated and informed and he handles vital part of that education which is s**x education.

It is on Aliya’s  part to be lucky to have a companion who rescues her from the erstwhile of circumstances surrounding teens especially as they mixed with others and there is a heavy pressure from their peers.  With her father the girl is able to conquer and fight the demon.

From this Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary we have seen a carefully written fictional text put up by the author with a distinguished stylistic components to address facts revolving on morality though tale, the book is composed in a dynamic richness in lyrical and lingo for a young adolescent.

It is also worthy to notes that the writer employs his choice of words to suits the present century of young person’s where words like story-story, my bestie, OMG are being employed.

The choice of words portrayed and as seen in the book is simple and straight forward and the author employs very convenient and familiar words to teenagers which the central message (theme) is connected with.

The author has demonstrated that teenage prowess and teenage wildness and exploring attitude, peer influence can be curbed by even parents.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post which we have written on Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary? Please kindly share to all those participating in jamb 2019 exams.

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