UNIJOS Admission List 2018/2019 is Out | Check 1st batch here

Unijos Admission List 2018/2019 is out. The University of Jos (UNIJOS) has released the list of candidates offered provisional admission into the university degree programmes for the 2018/2019 academic session. see 1st batch below.unijos admission list

Update on Unijos 2018 Admission List

Update – Is unijos Admission list 2018 out? here is the answer, Yes.To get more update about Unijos merit list subscribe to this blog to stay updated. 


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Below are the guidelines on how to check Unijos admission merit list. UNIJOS prospective students that participated in the university screening test can now check their admission status.

This admission list contains candidate names who were given admission on merit.

If you want to know if your name is on the unijos merit list, candidates should check jamb caps portal for their admission status. If they were given admission their names are on the merit list but remember don’t accept the admission until the list is released by the university online. Unijos 1st batch list 2018.

How to Check UNIJOS Admission List

  1. Go to UNIJOS admission portal checking portal at unijos admission list 2018.
  2. Supply you JAMB registration number in the required column.
  3. Click on ‘Check Admission Status’ to know your admission status.
  4. If you check your name and did not see it, you can check your Jamb caps portal for your admission status, if you are given admission on jamb caps, then surely you will get admitted.

Recommended How to Check 2018 Admission Status on Jamb Caps – Accept/Reject

Congratulations to all admitted students. You can also subscribe to stay updated

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  1. I applied microbiology and my jamb score is 199 any hope for me.

  2. I applied microbiology and my jamb score is microbiology any hope for me

  3. Please when will unijos upload the admission list on their portal?
    Cause I’ve been checking, and it’s still showing 2017/18

  4. hw about 188 for mass com
    any hope?!??

  5. I have being checking the jamb portal but is not open

    1. Contact us to help you out

  6. Is DE admission out?

  7. what about criminology and security studies any change in the caps becos most of us are still seeing not admitted

  8. I scored 251 in Jamb and applied for medicine and surgery unijos am I going to be admitted

  9. Pls sir,i have checked mine but it was written not admitted yet.my score is 237 and i applied for law,so is there chance of admission?pls ur reply is essential!!

  10. I scored 209 and applied for pharmacy, I checked jamb caps BT showing not admitted. Will I still gain admission

    1. yeah, they will release more list

  11. please is admission out for Pharmacy aspirants?
    because i applied for pharmacy and till date my caps still reads NOT ADMITTED

  12. Please, I scored 279 in jamb with five credits in one sitting and I applied for MBBS. Is there hope of getting?

  13. Pls when unijos second list be out?and i scored 217 in jamb nd i applied 4 med nd surgery,is there any possibility of getting admitted into dat field or any related field

    1. I think a related field i guess

  14. i used my valid email address to register jamb and i want to check my admission statuson jamb portal and they say i should create an account.pls what does it mean.

    1. use a valid login details to access your jamb caps

  15. Pls I scored 197in my jamb and I applied for social studies Education
    I have been checking the jamb portal but no admission given yet
    Pls I want to know if I have chances to be admitted
    Please reply THANKS

  16. Please is unijos admission list out
    Cos I av been checking mine and it has been dsame reply….not admitted….. Does DAT mean I am not admitted….. Pls Mr. Kelly I need answers

    1. keep checking, or wait till its updated on their portal

  17. Pls when actually is d second batch list coming out, hv checked my name on jamb caps, bt not admitted, but I applied for pharmacy n scored 260 wit five credit in one sitting, do I hv d chance.

  18. please is uni jos admission list out …i have been checking my admission status on jamb caps and all i keep seeing is not admitted does it me i was not given admission….pls i need an answer

    1. is out on jamb caps, just keep checking

  19. pls i scored 200, will i b given admission fr med. lab. sci. at unijos??

  20. Am patience Joshua i scored 190 i applied for criminology and security studies please do i have a chance to be given admission?have been checking CAPS and still have not been given please sir answer me

  21. I wan to know if ive gotten admission

  22. please I want to know if I’ve gotten admission

  23. please is uni Jo’s admission list out, pls I need respond

    1. yes, on jamb portal, check your name there

  24. I scored 210,and I apply for law at unijos, do u tink I would be giving admission??

  25. My JAMB scored was 191. I applied MEDILAB Science. Any hope for adms? But my online screening was not completed. Remita payment was done. I had problem with unijos portal.

  26. when will uni Jo’s released their list now

  27. Pls kelly, i scored 2011 in jamb n i applied 4 nursing in unijos will i be admitted with d score? Pls i need ur urgent reply sir.

  28. I scored 236 and wants to go for medicine is there hope for me pls Kelly

  29. please sir I score 183 in jamb with this score will I begin a chance to study banking and finance in unijos please I need urgent respond cause am tired of checking jamb cap and still see not admited what happening please

    1. Your score is not high.. I don’t know

  30. Please when will unijos list be out and has anyone see his/hers on jamb caps?

  31. pleas when will unijos list be out ? and has anyone seen theirs jamb caps cuz have not seen mine

  32. Iscored 215 in jamb nd wish to study nursing Do I have hope of being admitted?


  34. Pls admin is unijos 2018 first admission list out

  35. I score 185 in my jamb and i apply for industrial chemistry will i get adimmition

  36. Please I scored 186 in jamb ND I applied for accounting is it that I will be giving that course

  37. Pls Sir Is Unijos Admission List Out?

  38. is unijos admission list out on jamb caps…pls answer asap

  39. pls l want to comfirm if d direct entry admission list is out

  40. Please is the list out for uj admission?

  41. pls sir i applid edu&physics in uj for de will i stand for admission

  42. when will unijos admission list for 2018/19 will be out
    Plz let me know when it is out

  43. i score 180 nd i applied for nursing, can unijos change my course nd give me admission to study another course?

  44. Please am Doris I scored 214 in my jamb and I applied for medical laboratory science do I stand the chance of getting admission into uj?

  45. if I don’t update my waec result do I have a chance of getting admission

    1. I don’t get what you mean by update

  46. sir…when will UJ merit list be out?

  47. Am mercy…. I scored 190 in jamb… I applied for English language… Do I have a chance too gain admission in uj????

  48. Please is it true that the first batch is out
    If no when will it be out

  49. i just checked to see if the list is out but they are still using 2017/2018 admission portal. is there any other portal that i can use to check?

  50. I got 185 in jamb,n apply for agriculture.do I stand a chance?

  51. I score189 I applied fr business management is Dr any chances of getting admitted

  52. please when will the list b out?

  53. pls Sir i scored 242 in my jamb and applied for nursing. Do i stand a Chance of gaining admission?.thanks

  54. pls kelly when are they going to release another bacth i check my jamb cap they told me that, am nt admitted yet, am D.E applicant, pls i need ur reply.

  55. Sir i applied for ARCHITECTURE nd i got 183 in jamb, do i stand a chance of gainning admission?

  56. pls,i scored 237 ,will i be able get law nd wat is the cut off mark 4 law in UJ?

    1. lawrequires high scores, but hope for the best

      1. pls sir help me check my name Matthew Victoria Oluwayemisi

  57. Pls sir I got 195 in jamb can be given political science in unijos

  58. Please I applied for agriculture with 185 in jamb.. will I be given admission?

    1. your jamb score is not that high , well just hope for the best

  59. Sir plz I got 184 in my jamb.
    do I stand the chance to study theater art?

  60. I got 242 in Jamb and I applied for Nursing would I be given admission?

  61. I applied for Law and I got 240 in Jamb, do I stand a chance of gaining admission?

  62. please sir i want to know if anothe batch will still be release ? please help me out

  63. sorry,please has admission been release for unijos?

  64. I got 240 in Jamb and I want to study Law, do I stand a chance of gaining admission?

  65. plz admin, have unijos released their admission list or do u know of anyone who has gotten admission. I applied for DE and I need to be clarified.

  66. When will first semester for freshers begin

  67. please i applied for uj dis year and i also applied for post utme…but i dont know if there was an aptitude test….so how do i get dis admission?…

  68. I scored 202 in jamb and I applied for marketing in uni jos is chances of I getting admission

  69. I had 209 in jamb
    nd a1 in all my compulsory subjects
    nd i desire to study medcine
    do i have hope for admission

    1. The score is not that good for medicine… Just keep checking your jamb caps

      1. Pls am also an aspirant I had 236 and want to study medicine and surgery pls is there hope for me my jamb caps says not admitted

  70. pls i scored 208 in jamb wit eight credits including maths and English i applied for psychology in unijos any hope for me getting admitted?

  71. Hillary chibuike

    Kelly I scored 181 for jamb and I applied for psychology how do I know I have been giving admission please am not update this is my Whatsapp number 07060710884 please Kelly help and chart me up am from Enugu state am far from the school please


  73. I scored 207 with 9 O level credits what are my chances of getting pharmacy in unijos.

  74. Please Is the unijos admission for 2018/19 realesed yet??
    I’m confused

    1. Not yet, but check jamb caps

  75. Kelly is unijos admission list out I scored 238 in jamb applied for SLT in unijos hope to get

  76. Kelly
    My name is Belemo Berezi I scored 278 applied for law,will I be admitted??

  77. Sir I scored 238 in my jamb and applied for SLT in unijos is there any hope of admission cus I don’t understand what de are saying here

  78. I scored 189 in my jamb will I be offered to study microbiology?

  79. Kelly, i scored 199 in JAMB and i applied for economics. Any hope for me of getting admission into unijos?

    1. Yh may be, just be hopeful

  80. Sir i score 183 in jamb, will i be giving admission to study nursing in unijos?

    1. Thats low oo, i don’t know just have faith

  81. Hey, my jamb score is 186 and I apply for microbiology is there hope for admission. And when will unijos release there admission for this year 2018, in case of any information please contact me

  82. Please sir I scored 205 in Jamb will I be given pharmacy in uj…. And also wen exactly should we be excepting the admission…..

  83. Hello, does unijos work hand in hand with jamb cause I thought all admission processes was supposed to be finished by 16 and also the fact that jamb hasn’t admitted anyone from unijos? And also I scored 250 in my jamb aspiring for international relations and diplomacy but am not in any of their catchment area or educationally less developed states , do I stand a chance?.

    1. Yh with your score..
      Unijos do waist time in releasing their admission list

    2. Kelly
      My name is Belemo Berezi I scored 278 applied for law,will I be admitted??

    3. Just start warming up for your registration, good luck,congratulations

  84. can someone help me check mine with reg no 85900745ja

  85. I just found out today that jamb has given admission does that mean I have lost mine if I was given the admission?

  86. Pls Sir I score 195 in jamb, I apply for political science in unijos, is there hope of getting admitted

  87. when is the actual date,that the admission will be released

  88. Please update me when the list is out through my [email protected]

  89. pls when will unijos list be out cos I don’t understand what day are saying online

  90. Please, is it still possible for me to change institution and apply for unijos now?

  91. I scored 255 in jamb will I be given admission for medicine and surgery in unijos

    1. You’re good to go my dear
      My course mate
      I scored 236 in jamb and there’s hope for me

  92. pls are all this admissions you guys are talking about for 2018jamb or 2017

  93. I scored 194 in jamb, will I be given admission into Accounting

    1. Hmm the score is low for accounting

      1. Hii Kelly,please I want to know about all these news of admission. Have unijos released the admission list proper. Please o need ur sincere answer,am a DE applicant.

  94. Pls when is exact date and month unijos releasing their admission list.

  95. please I need information I just heard that the admission list has been released is that true??

  96. I got 203 ND I want to study nursing will I get the admission to uj

  97. Please I really need updates concerning the admission list of 2018/2019.Is it out yet?

  98. did D.E candidate can also check their admision using jamb caps?

  99. Is unijos releaseing her admission b4 16 October

    1. Jamb is closing all portals on 16

  100. Pls on the 16th of this month the first batch admission list from jamb will be invalid so are uj aspirant part of this??

    1. If you are given admission it should show in your jamb caps. It might take some time before it will be released in their portal. So i think be checking your jamb caps

  101. Pls when will unijos admission list be out,there is so much news that jamb released admission for all universities, is uj one of those universities or the don’t work hand in hand with jamb

    1. Just hv patience, once it is out it will be there for Every body to check it out, from now to February every list will be finalised.

  102. please can i get updated wen the list is out and how to check my name please update me through my email address @ [email protected] thanks

  103. I Applied for admission 2018/2019 session i want know how far have they given to the prospective candidate?

  104. Pls when will unijos admission list be out
    And I need updates
    Cos I did not understood their screening exercise
    Although I did it and uploaded my result……..pls I need information, cos am far from JOS

  105. pls some one should help me out, was there post utme or aptitude test exam in UK dis year?

    1. There was a post Utme application dis year

  106. i-scord-173-in-jamb-nd-i-wnt-o-studie-mascum-wil-i-b-givn-admision

  107. pls-whn-wil-uni-jos-relis-ther-list

    1. Probably this month ending

      1. Please are u sure is going to be out this month ending

  108. Please I just want to confirm, is the admission list out?

  109. Pls Sir I Have 182 as My Jamb Score, can I Study Criminology Under Law Faculty At Unijos.

    1. Hmmm. Not a good score for law related course

    2. sir wat abt 185 law

      1. Law needs a high jamb score

  110. Pls Mr Kelly will I be offered admission into nursing with 193 In Unijos ?

  111. Pls Mr Kelly ,will i be offered admission into nursing with 193 in unijos ?

    1. M not so sure… Buh keep hoping for the best

  112. Pls is Unijos admission list out

  113. pls when the list is out keep me post.thanks

  114. Pls I scored 252,and cleared all my o level will I get admission to study medicine pls

    1. Yh..
      Just be hoping for the best

  115. Please i scored 205 in jamb and have 5 credits in one sitting, is any chance of getting ANATOMY?

  116. Pls sir i scored 205, and i have 5 credits in one sitting, is there chance of getting ANATOMY?

  117. I apply for medicine & score 219, after the online screening , most i go to the university to summit the form or wait for next action? pls sir keep me posted.

  118. Please when will uni jos list for 2018 admission be out

  119. Wat is ijmb and pre degree all about

    1. Both are programmes, ijmb is used to get admission into 200l while pre degree is used to get admission into 100l

  120. I had 227 in jamb to study geology and mining pls can i get admission into unijos with that score???

  121. Gud day every one, how is it going. Pls when will unijos admission list be out. Nd afta dat, wat next.
    I pray for we all unijos aspirat, dat GOD ALMIGHTY will bless us all with addmission. AMEN.
    Pls gentle men and ladies, pls do kip every one of us posted wit any latest gist abt addmission

  122. did unijos release direct entry an jamb admision at same time?

  123. plss Sir are we to still keep hoping that UniJos will still gie admission this year? And plss i have 216 only in jamb willing to study medicine can it be possible plsss?

    1. Yh it is going to be released next month. Probably

    2. pls I really 2 know if unijos hs released its list bcos I cant undastand wat dere are sayin online.pls update us.

  124. Pls sir i need ur reply i got 189 in my jamb with 5 o’level credit, with two sitting, can i get [email protected]

    1. please I score 185 is there any chance of getting admission to study biochemistry at unijos

  125. Hi,
    I’m hoping to study Medical Laboratory Science at UNIJOS next year via DIRECT ENTRY.
    I have a B.Sc in Microbiology and 5 necessary O level credits in two sittings.

    When is the JAMB DIRECT ENTRY Form coming out for 2019/2020?
    Is like the system has changed. Would it be possible for someone to help me get the form, fill and submit since I won’t be available to do that?

    Thanks for your maximum cooperation.

    1. U will have to wait until it is out

      1. Okay thanks.
        Do keep me posted.

  126. when will unijos release admission list

  127. i scored 192 i what to read pharmacy ,do i hve a chance of getting admission

  128. I Scored 211, Is They Any Chance Of Getting Admission To Study Pharmacy At Unijos?

  129. Please when would the admission list be out.And when that happens, what next?

  130. is it certain that uj admission
    will out soon

  131. May God favour us this year

  132. please when will Unijos direct entry admission list be out?

  133. when will 2019 admission list 4 uj b out,is it october,november or december.pls am curious

    1. October-november, not so sure

  134. Pls sir i scored 263 in my jamb and have 5 credits in my o level in one sitting,any chance of getting admission to study nursing?

  135. is there chances of gettin vet medicine wit D.E

    1. Pls when will unijos admission list be out??

  136. Kindly update me when 2019 unijos admission list will be out.

  137. Unijos admission list for the 2018/2019 academic seasson will be out in due time around OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER precisely.

  138. Please sir I scored 276 in my jamb and I applied for medicine is their any hope for me ??

  139. pls I am totally confuse that the unijos screening exercise is done online how?
    And do I need to submit the form after screening?

    1. Abdullahi if u have not yet done it….i think its already too late for u……where have u been since

  140. please when unijos admission 4 direct entry will out

  141. Pls when is list coming out?

  142. My name is stephen kigbu alkali when will admission university of jos will release



    1. pls when is u.j realising the admission list

  145. I need an update of 2018/2019 admission.

  146. those that applied Law… pls has anyone gotten???

  147. Can I Be Able To Change My Course When I Get Admission?

    1. Yes after year one and you do very well

  148. when wil unijos admission be release?

  149. Pls how do I confirm my subscription to receive daily hot updates tnxs

    1. Check your mail and confirm it

  150. Please when is the examination going to take please.

  151. Pls update me when its out

    1. Pls when is unijos admission be release 2019

      1. Unijos admission will be out in due time, around OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER.

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