Waec Syllabus for Economics for 2019/2020 examination. This Syllabus act as a guide to help those preparing to write Economics in Waec to read and understand topics that may be asked in the exam. To be able to pass Economics in Waec very well, one must study the syllabus and the past questions. Below are the syllabus, so take your time to read about it.waec syllabus for Economics

This syllabus is designed to assess candidates’ knowledge of basic economic principles
needed for rational decision making relating to individuals, businesses, government and
society. Such knowledge is necessary in enhancing their appreciation of government
economic policies, problems of implementation and how they impact on the economy. This
will help candidates to understand that economics is not only an academic field of study but
also a practical subject.


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The syllabus will test candidates’

1. knowledge of the basic economic principles, concepts, and the tools for economic
2. understanding of the structure and functioning of economic institutions – commercial,
agricultural, industrial and financial institutions;
3. understanding of the basis for rational economic decisions;
4. ability to explain the basis and structure of the West African economy, including the
roles of agriculture, industry and mining and their contributions to the national
5. ability to follow the role and status of the West African countries in international
economic relationships;
6. ability to appreciate the problems West African countries encounter in their economic

Download Weac Syllabus for Economics 2019

Download Economics Syllabus 2019 pdf

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